What is a kilowatt hour?

A kilowatt hour (kWh) is the amount of energy required to provide 1 kilowatt (1,000 watts) of electricity for one hour. A 100-watt light bulb burning for 1 hour uses 0.1 kWh. When the same bulb burns for 10 hours, it uses 1 kWh.

What is an electric meter?

The watt-hour meter installed in your home is a precision device that measures the electricity consumption of your household. It is calibrated and sealed by the ZAMECO II & Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

How do I read my electric meter?

Reading your electric meter allows you to estimate your electricity costs each month. Here's an example:
This is a simplified drawing of a standard electric meter.
Read the numbers from left to right. (note that numbers run clock-wise on some dials and counter-clockwise on others) When the hand is between two numbers, take the smaller number unless the pointer is between nine and zero. (The zero stands for ten).
Subtract the reading of last month's bill from this month's new reading to determine the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used.

The sample meter shown has a reading of 9,484. The pointer on the first dial is between 4 and 5...read 4. The pointer on the second dial is between 9 and 8. Read 4 on the third dial and 9 on the fourth.
If your meter has a number called a multiplier, you need to multiply the number of kWh used by the multiplier to get your final kWh reading.
Multiply the kWh you used by the applicable ZAMECO II rate.
Not all meters are the same. If you have a question about reading your meter, call us at (047) 602-2401 or (047) 602-2402.

What are the tools used in meter reading?

The PSION is a handheld microcomputer that stores the meter reading data of every customer. It validates that the data entered is complete and accurate and within the range of the customer’s history of electric consumption.

When am I supposed to pay my bill?

Your bill is supposed to be paid within 9 days after you received the statement of account (SOA).

What should I do when I receive disconnection notice?

Visit your nearest ZAMECO II collection offices within 2 days after receiving the disconnection notice and settle your account to avoid disconnection.

Why it is that the ZAMECO II Disconnection team cuts's off electricity service even if the consumer has only 1 month power bill due?

The power supplier of Zameco II demands to pay its purchased power on time. Or other wise they will cut off our supply of electricity within our franchise area. In order to meet with this demand the management is obligated to act on this way. And, it is the obligation of all the consumers to pay their power bill when it comes due.

Can I pay even without my bill print out?

Yes, as long as the customer can give the teller their account name or account number, otherwise please proceed to the CWDO on Billing Staff.

Can I request for a spot meter calibration accuracy test?

Yes, a spot meter accuracy test fee must first be paid to the teller then present receipt of payment to the MSD Staff for the preparation of the job order.


For all billings,payments,balances and/or adjustments please approach any of the consumer MSD Staff for printing of your subsidiary ledger.

Why is my electric bill so high?

To figure out why your electric bill is "so high", the first thing you need to do is to figure out what's normal. If your bill has spiked recently that's easy: Just look at your old bills and see how much your usage has gone up. Look only at the amount of electricity you used in kWh. Don't look at the cost, because the cost could have gone up for other reasons, such as an increase in the price of electricity itself.
If your kWh usage is similar but the cost is now higher, then the answer as to why is on your bill. Because ZAMECO II monthly power rate changes.
Maybe your bill hasn't gone up but you just think it's always been too high? In that case the first thing you can do is to compare your usage to what's normal. A typical family uses 150 kWh per month.
Let's say you still think there's an unknown reason why your electrical usage has been so high recently. In that case the next thing you should do is to make sure the bill you received is accurate. Once you got a bill that said you used 2617 kWh, when you normally use only 100 kWh. A quick look at the meter showed that the reading is wrong. Please visit your nearest ZAMECO II office and consult your power bill to the MSD staff for immediate action.
If your meter matches your bill, meaning you weren't overcharged, your next step is to verify that your meter isn't running gratuitously(without cause). Shut off all the breakers and see if the meter is still spinning. If the meter shows electric use even with the breakers turned off.
1. Is your home a duplex or some other multi-family dwelling? If so then probably at least one of your neighbor's circuits is wired into your meter. Hire an electrician to fix it or Call us at (047) 602-2401 or (047) 602-2402.
2. If your home is a single-family dwelling and the meter still spins when everything is off/unplugged, then your meter is broken. It's highly unusual, but it's possible. Please visit your nearest ZAMECO II office and consult your electric meter to the MSD staff for immediate action.

What should I do when the lights go out?

Report the outage to ZAMECO II, (047) 602-2401 or (047) 602-2402.
Turn off or unplug all non-essential appliances
Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed


I'm landscaping my new home. How close to the power lines can I plant trees?
We're glad you asked! It's always better to keep trees far enough away from the lines so it won't be necessary to prune them for clearance around the lines.

Why does ZAMECO II prune my trees?

Although trees are an asset to the appearance of our streets, they can create problems when they grow into power lines. Wind-blown branches can come in contact with lines, causing power outages and the danger of fire. Did you know that trees conduct electricity? That's just another reason to keep branches from growing too close to live power lines. It's dangerous for homeowners to trim trees close to electrical lines. So ZAMECO II does it for you.