Notice of Scheduled Power Interruption June 14, 2019

Date:                                      June 14, 2019  (Thursday)

 Time Duration:                   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Affected Areas:

1) Whole area of Calapacuan, Calapandayan,    Wawandue, Asinan Poblacion, Ilwas, Baraca-Camachile of Subic

2) Part of Asinan Proper and Mangan-Vaca of Subic


1) Right of Way Clearing

2) Installation of Fuse Cut-out Assembly along Walter Mart Mangan-Vaca

3) Request of Mang Inasal for installation of Pylon

4) Installation of Additional Disconnect Switch along Vercons


To all customers who have generator set, proper installation is strongly recommended to guarantee the safety of our line workers. For any   assistance on this matter, please contact ZAMECO II personnel

Please consider our line as always energized as we shall be putting back the power as soon as the aforementioned activities are accomplished without prior notice unless you have previous arrangement in our office.

Thank you for bearing with us.


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